WilliamsHenry02 Re-launches the “Not EQUAL To” Collection

WilliamsHenry02 Re-launches the “Not EQUAL To” Collection

 WilliamsHenry02 Re-launches the “Not EQUAL To” Collection

Houston, Texas - December 16, 2020 – WilliamsHenry02 is having a re-launch of the Not Equal To collection. The collection promotes the idea that everyone has a right to not just be what society thinks. WilliamsHenry02 is dedicated to inclusivity and we want to help tell everyone’s story in a unique and authentic way.

The Collection is available starting December 16, 2020 online @williamshenry02.com. Items are currently available in sizes XS – XL. The outerwear prices range from $18 to $100.


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About WilliamsHenry02

WilliamsHenry02 is a US based brand emerging across national markets without in-store representation. Headquartered in Texas. The brand champions the message We do not judge, and we are not big fans of being judged. Who are you? What are you?  Simply, you are free to be you and that makes you "Not Equal To". We are lucky enough to be able to wear a statement piece and it looks so good.


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